So Many So Few

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“Never┬áhas the lives of so many been in the hands of so few…”



The litmus test of effective delegation

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If you have a team reporting to you and often find yourself doing a majority of things on your own, you are probably not effectively delegating your tasks. Learn to entrust your team members with responsibilities and train and guide them to be proficient.

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Raise your glass!

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I have recently had several encounters where colleagues resign because they think their careers have reached a dead end, or have hit a glass ceiling. Some have invested more than 5 years with the company and yet they feel like there is no way up the pay scale or the corporate ladder. So they tender their resignation without speaking to their manager. You might be in a similar situation and are now seeking alternate employment. Whilst it is good to know your value in the marketplace, try speaking to your superior about your thoughts and concerns. They have a duty to you and to the company and as long as you have been positively contributing to the team, it is likely the company or supervisor will either recommend a pay adjustment or a promotion that is long overdue. I mean hey, what’s the worst that could possibly happen? You leaving?

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Grey Matter?

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Because of Asian cultural upbringing that age dictates seniority, one should always speak respectfully when talking to those senior in age.

That being said, when they are out of line, being respectful does not equate to agreeing blindly when in the workplace.

A true professional knows when to speak in turn, and respectfully state the facts in an upfront and objective manner.

At the end of the day, does having Grey hair really matter?

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Joy is your strength

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If you are struggling at work, find at least one thing that makes you laugh, and you will find Joy.

“..and Joy..will be your strength..”

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Leveling Up!

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Work life is similar to playing a Quest-based MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game).

In order to succeed in your quest and achieve your next “Level” it’s always easier to team up with members of different skillsets and XP (experience) levels(higher and lower). You gain experience from those with prior exposure, and you in turn also learn how to lead those with lower experience to success.

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Queue versus Wait

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Which is worse? Queuing or waiting?

The answer to this question can simply be answered as such.

You can Queue to Wait, but you cannot wait to Queue.

Imagine a Line has formed for the latest “Hello Kitty” plush toy at your local fast food retailer.

You may be able to join the queue and may still end up waiting even if you are the next in line.

However, you will not be able to do the reverse and wait to queue, but will end up queuing to,join the queue.

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The House of Cards

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The best hand is the perfect balance between a stacked house of cards, and the redundancies built in that prevent it from crumbling.

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The Ideal Organisation

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if your organisation had this as a Vision?

“To be the most FUN organization in the world, leveraging on team spirit and individual drive for enjoyment through transparent and open communication, networking and individual P&L accountability.”

I am the traffic light to my own enjoyment.

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“The Hard and Fast Rule”

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The ONLY Hard and Fast Rule” in management, is that there is no such thing as only one “Hard and Fast Rule“.



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