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Frustrated at your work place and feel stuck and alone?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. In fact, statistics show that over 15,018,381 people feel stuck with a problem in their daily jobs that they cannot solve . (ok, so I made that number up but who really cares?)

Breathe more. Learn to accept undeniable facts of life.

If the situation is too difficult to change or fix, it’s either permanently broken, or you are. Either way, you can’t fix it, so accept that as a FACT, and move on.

If that didn’t cheer you up, nothing really will.

You feel stuck because you allow yourself to continue to be stuck.

Stand up and get out of that hole that you dug for yourself. Chances are, since you dug it, you’re probably able to climb out of it without much aid.

Learn from your experience, document it, and if you have subordinates, or if you supervise a group of hobos, teach them how not to commit the same mistake. I mean, if they’re really hobos, they probably will go “yes sir yes sir 3 bags full”, and then turn around and make the exact same mistake, but hey! At least you tried.

Maybe out of the 10 hobos, 2 will learn from your experience. Percentages are wonderful things aren’t they? Focus on the positive! A 20% success rate is an improvement over a 100% failure rate!

Keep trying, keep doing, but most importantly, keep thinking out of the box. The solution is often the simplest, cheapest and usually right in front of your eyes.

Go on, live a little. You of all people know you deserve it, even if your boss doesn’t!!

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